Thoughts on education – One 

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This extract echos the sentiments of the Muslims, who fear, that the current generation is being trained to distance themselves from Islaam and its cultural practices. As a note, these practices are not foreign to the land but are interwoven and stem from the soils of Islaam. 

The modern-day educational system is poisoning this soil by seeping into the receptive young minds ‘values’ that stand in opposition to the very basic human nature. They are all being designed to think and act like one entity. The definition for ‘normal’ is subjugated to a change so irrational and dynamic. This dynamism is subsisting on a platform, where the winds of change throttle at speeds that make it incomprehensible to capture the evolution of normality.

There is no standards for reference to distinguish the rights from the wrongs. At this point in time, everything is correct, everyone has rights and every action reasonable. There is one, though, one right that no one possesses and shouldn’t possess. It’s the right to question. No one is to have authority to correct anyone so that we can have the benefits of a lawless society, where everyone can have the right to act like creatures from the animal kingdom.

 We are in despair moaning the eras of conduct squandered. Will we ever be able to build a city? A city where standards prevail to help as guidelines to match immortality with morality, wrong with right, evil with good, insane with sane, injustice with justice, war with peace and the likes.

 Yes, it is possible if we were all to return to the one true religion. The Deen of Islaam. A cure for the illnesses prevalent at these times. There is no better juncture than now to correct our manners. We need to start a revolutionary change. A modulation starting foremost with ourselves.


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